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Game of Thrones – Great News from BAFTA's!

Game of Thrones – great news from BAFTAs! by Olga A.


When a thing is quality, the reception it gets speaks for itself, right?

It therefore came as no great surprise that at last night’s BAFTA ceremony awards, our most favourite show (yes, you know, the one with direwolves in it), has received its just accolade, beating the slower-paced tales of babies being born and distress in 1930s London. And it has also beaten the 2012 London Olympic Open Ceremony (can you imagine?!) to seize the impressively-named Radio Times Audience Award, awarded by the public (for which all ye industrious damsels and paladins should be duly thanked). Unfortunately, “Game of Thrones” did not scoop the international version of the same award – it going to the “Girls” instead (for any of you who do not have access to television in Westeros – a very different tale of several twenty-something New Yorkers dealing with their lives as best as they can manage in the modern urban wilderness). Still… I guess it is only the matter of time before the international audience succumbs to the rugged romance as well!

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