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Dire Wolves – The Origin of the Species – Game of Thrones Style!

Dire Wolves – The Origin of the Species – Game of Thrones Style!
by Olga A.


Ah, Direwolves. Who in their right mind haven’t at some stage dreamed of owning one after watching the very-first Game of Thrones season? Just cooler than ordinary wolves, somehow, and yet more interesting than ordinary dogs.

Now you would also be pleased to know that the direwolf is not simply a fabulous logotype adorning the Stark family crest. There was a prototype in real life, after all.

Bearing a suitably sonorous species name, “Canis Dirus,” the real-life Direwolf roamed throughout the lands that were later to become North and South America, some measly 10,000 years ago. Bigger and fiercer than your regular wolves, it would have made a formidable opponent.

And yes, the Direwolf animal actors in our favourite show do have wolf ancestry, according to Julie Kelham, a founder of the Northern Inuit Society in the UK, and also an expert on canines.

Find the original article here, and like me, try your best not to get somewhat flustered when stumbling upon the Stark children being referred to as “tribal children”. I would spend the rest of my evening trying to exorcise the ghost of Ned dressed as a Flintstones caveman.


About the Contributing Reporter: Olga A.
Hailing from the swirling mists of London, I am a freelance journalist in my free time, and a huge fan of J R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” as well as an admirer of the “Game of Thrones,” a worshipper of H P Lovecraft, a follower of R. Howard, a Star Wars aficionado and an Ursula Le Guin enthusiast. My other favourite things include Middle Eastern dance (sometimes somewhat discourteously referred to as “belly” dancing), Yoga, sunsets over the dreaming spires of Oxford and plush owls. Oh, and green tea too.

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