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Dothraki Tuition and Feathers-a-Flying!

Dothraki Tuition and Feathers-a-Flying!
by Olga A.


This week was rather eventful for all of the GoT fans.

First of all, anyone who sympathises with the Dothraki (or even fancies themselves to be one of the tribe – the most original one since the Orc mania surrounding the Lord of the Rings franchise) – apparently, there exists a proper mode to pronounce their words (another topic we covered earlier on). Yeah right. Remember that snooty French tutor making fun of your best imitation of the Parisian accent in high school? Apparently, it is highly likely that your Dothraki pronunciation is not up to scratch either. Not even the actors themselves can quite get it right – at least, the language’s creator, D J Peterson, does not think so. Not to mention the subtler linguistic nuances with High Valyrian, as spoken by our very favourite Lady Daenerys in the last episode.

Also, for anyone who has been somewhat distracted lately and completely missed it – the Dothraki language has no expression as such for “thank you” and similar overtures of gratitude. I now have a rather amusing moment trying to imagine how a Dothraki shopkeeper or phone marketing worker would sound. Just trying.

Furthermore, stepping away from linguistic subtleties, although the world of sports as we know it is quite remote from Westeros and its surroundings, the original creator of the series seems to be quite immersed in the issues surrounding the sporting life. G.R.R. Martin (the forefather of the saga), being a great fan of the Jets, called for Idzik to be fired. We wonder if his views regarding this would not cement a sneaky new twist in the whole GoT world… or perhaps a whole new adventure?

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About the Contributing Reporter: Olga A.
Hailing from the swirling mists of London, I am a freelance journalist in my free time, and a huge fan of J R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” as well as an admirer of the “Game of Thrones,” a worshipper of H P Lovecraft, a follower of R. Howard, a Star Wars aficionado and an Ursula Le Guin enthusiast. My other favourite things include Middle Eastern dance (sometimes somewhat discourteously referred to as “belly” dancing), Yoga, sunsets over the dreaming spires of Oxford and plush owls. Oh, and green tea too.


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