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Man of Steel – New Trailer!

Look!  A brand new Man of Steel Trailer!  Watch below!

So, what does that three minutes of awesome tell us? Quite a bit. For one, whatever Johnathan Kent’s exact temperament we will be in the film the Superman we’re getting is one that by the end of it will be there to inspire, “to help us accomplish wonders.” Which of course is what Superman is all about. The journey to get that point also looks to be interesting as we get Clark Kent traveling the world to find out where he fits into it and apparently becoming something of a legend as he does so.  Naturally, he is eventually discovered and is (as Pa Kent feared) viewed with suspicion by the government before he presumably earns their trust.

But that of course is not all we see in the trailer.  We get a couple brief glimpses of Krypton and hints at a rivalry between Zod and Jor-El, with Zod apparently targeting Jor-El’s son.   One wonders why and whether this has to do with the hints we got of Kal-El’s birth being a cause for alarm on Kryption.

No matter what, come June 14 it looks like we’ll be treated to a genuinely epic story, a story of discovering one’s place in the world, and ultimately a journey of hope.  Is the world ready?  “What do you think?”

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  1. You know what? For the longest time I had zero interest in this movie. I thought no one could fill Reeves’s boots besides Tom Welling and so many writers in comic books have tried to make Superman dark. He isn’t dark. He is a symbol of hope and light. Well, this trailer finally convinced me to go see it.

    I’m holding out hope that the movie is as good as this trailer.