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Announcing David Rowe’s ‘The Proverbs of Middle-earth’

A new announcement from our friends at Oloris Publishing;


Oloris Publishing is pleased to announce David Rowe’s The Proverbs of Middle-earth, scheduled to be released later this year.

Proverbs are ships in which wisdom sails.

On his great Tree of Tales, it is the leaves – the tiny details – in which J.R.R. Tolkien took greatest delight. Because of this, one of the ways in which his Middle-earth legendarium is unparalleled in English literature is that its diverse peoples and cultures each possess their own fully-formed wisdom traditions, comprised of songs, poems, and – the focus of this study – over 300 original proverbs.

From the great sea to the land of shadow, from wizards to rustic gaffers, The Proverbs of Middle-earth will provide an in-depth exploration of the wisdom traditions of Middle-earth, investigating the degree to which Tolkien’s proverbs not only delight and instruct, but also bring revelatory “inner reality” to his created world.

David is a US-based Englishman (and erstwhile resident of New Zealand, Zimbabwe, and Scotland, before he married a Lebanese-American) who first read The Lord of the Rings at the age of seven and has been re-reading it ever since. He is a father-cum-teacher-cum-musician, cuts his own hair, and is a committed utiliser of the Oxford Comma. He tweets at @TolkienProverbs.


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