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Tincture, An Apocalyptic Proposition


Apocalyptic literature and entertainment is all the rage these days. Even so there are some stories of this type that stand out in excellence and uniqueness within the trend. I first heard about Matthew D. Jordan and his apocalyptic/dystopian story, Tincture on Adventures In Sci-Fi Publishing, one of the best science fiction and fantasy focused podcasts on the web, in my opinion. If they feature a book, I figure it’s worth checking out. What makes Jordan’s book different are a few things. First, he serialized it on his website. There are nineteen chapters – the book is now complete and you can read it in its entirety on his website. Second, he made it interactive. There is a soundtrack for the story. Much of the ambient music was composed by Allen Masterton and the rest was found from the Free Music Archive; as a former podcaster these kinds of resources are a godsend. So, we have an intriguing story plus a soundtrack that goes along with it. Each chapter can be read straight from the website or you can simply download the .mp3 file, the audio book version with the soundtrack playing in the background. What we have in this is an audio drama/audio book. You can download the episodes on iTunes if you prefer.

As of now Tincture is not available in paperback or e-book yet. he is shopping it around to publishers. To hear the author’s own thoughts on the story you can listen to his two-part interview on the Adventures In Sci-Fi podcast. (part one, part two). The synopsis of the story is as follows:

Grave robbing requires a corpse, so at most, this was all just simple thievery.

“Rhamuel and the last of his family, Abranyah, travel their barren world, shack to shack, selling tinctures to keep a full belly and evading the dogmatists to keep their throats safe. Time turned funny on after The Whatever, an apocalyptic event that few remember and even fewer can explain, danger now as commonplace as the unrecognizable relics of war, and the madman Aphulan—along with an iron rule over his small township—may hold the answers. With a cure for The Sick and a passion to uncover what happened to their world, Rhamuel and Abranyah set off on a journey to the “other place,” the days before The Whatever, and ready themselves for a glimpse into what happened, and what was always meant to happen next.”

What a great project. How many audio books out there are being given away by the author? The audio book is over ten hours. A book two is also in the works. The author also has a writing website and another book in paperback and available for the Kindle, The Wayward Irregular, Devil Men, Tobacco Pipes and the Bacon DevotionalTincture, as it is right now in text and audio book form is available for free. Check it out on the website:

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