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Medium Rare and Back Again: Oloris Publishing and Heath Dill embark on a culinary journey to Middle-earth


NEW from our friends at Oloris Publishing;

Let your own unexpected adventure start right in your kitchen. Join Oloris Publishing in an exciting new foray into Middle-earth with chef and food blogger Heath Dill in a new book: Medium Rare and Back Again: Food from the World of Middle-earth.

In 2009, Heath Dill had the opportunity to showcase his culinary skills in Corey Olsen‘s annual The Lord of the Rings movie marathon with a few themed dishes. Since then, he has developed more original mouth-watering and successful recipes inspired by beloved cultures and characters. With original fare inspired straight from Middle-earth like the classic Apple Tart with G Rune, to tongue-in-cheek innovations such as the Smoky Shadow and Flame Wings, Heath will be sharing his secrets in his upcoming cookbook with Oloris Publishing.

In a collection of over forty recipes and techniques, Medium Rare and Back Again will appeal to both beginners and connoisseurs in the kitchen. Voiced with the unmistakable passion of a Tolkien fan, Heath’s lively and insightful commentaries are not only practical for the kitchen, but also uniquely creative towards reliving the tales in a whole new dimension. From the comforts of green, rolling hills to lofty halls in mighty trees, this book will take your taste buds there and back again.

A lifelong Massachusetts resident, Heath Dill spent 15 years as a software engineer and consultant while honing his cooking skills and expertise. His first undertaking with food writing was with his blog, Dillicious, after which followed several appearances as the chef at “The Tolkien Professor” Corey Olsen’s movie marathons, as well as at charity dinners. Medium Rare and Back Again: Food from the World of Middle-earth will be his first cookbook. In his spare time, Heath enjoys cycling, singing early music, and finding new ways to eat chili paste. To learn more, visit Heath on Facebook and Twitter.

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