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Be a Hero with DC Entertainment


From DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” charity on indiegogo,

“For every hero, there comes a day. A day when they step forward. A day when talk turns to action. Over 8 million people have had their lives affected by the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. It’s bad. And it hasn’t been this bad in over 60 years.

All of us at DC Entertainment are joining with Batman and the Justice League and making a stand. Today is the day we fight.”

DC Entertainment needs your inner hero to come out and help them with their fight against hunger! Working with such charities as;

Save the Children — Tirelessly committed to improving the lives of children and families whose lives have been changed by the hunger crisis.

International Rescue Committee — Relentlessly focused on protecting the most vulnerable and helping them rebuild for the future.

Mercy Corps — Unfailingly dedicated to making life more livable in the world’s toughest places.

“It’s not just a message. It’s a reality. When you join in our campaign, you’re making a REAL difference for REAL people. It doesn’t take much. But it does take something, however big or small, from each and every one of us. Give today. It’s that simple. It’s that powerful.” – DC Entertainment

For donations of $10 can get you Batman comic download to $5000 which can get you a cameo appearance in a Batman comic drawn by Gary Frank!

For more information on this charity and the benefits of donating, go to the indiegogo link here.

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