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Infinite Crisis

Gaslight Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, Zatanna

Greetings once again!  You may have heard of this little game coming out from a little studio known as Turbine.  Yes, that Turbine.  It looks like they are expanding from LOTRO and MMO’s into superheroes and MOBAs.
First off, what on earth is a MOBA?  If you are like me and not a heavy gamer, then you may have never heard that term before.  MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and from the descriptions I’ve read, it sounds like an MMO crossed with an RTS.  From what I can tell, gameplay consists of you and a group of others controlling individual “champions” working together to destroy the opposing team’s base.  There also may be basic units generated by the computer for each side.  So you control your character whom you can apparently develop just like any RPG while still having somewhat large scale battles against other opponents.
The superheroes in question are those of the DC Universe, which is logical as Warner Bros. owns both Turbine and DC Comics.

Nightmare Batman

The storyline for the game is not entirely clear but seems to revolve around some major event connecting the 52 worlds of the recently revamped DCU, bringing different versions of characters from these various worlds into conflict.  The champions revealed so far include characters like Wonder Woman and Flash from the main or “prime” DCU, Batman and Catwoman from the Gaslight universe (based on the Gotham by Gaslight Elseworlds story from many years ago) and even Nightmare Batman, a vampiric version of the Dark Knight based on the Red Rain Elseworlds in which Batman meets

Doomsday in action

Dracula.  There are of course villainous characters as well such as Doomsday, Joker and Poison Ivy.  There is no Superman yet but the website says other champions will be released soon.

As for projected cost, the game is to be free to play (yay) though there is no information yet as to what sort of model will be used for microtransactions.
The brief trailer and screenshots posted on the homepage look like they are in an early stage and of course it is far too early to get more than a vague impression.  However, the material on the website promises an interactive environment (you get to throw cars at each other!) with events in gameplay even affecting the story.  Whatever the case, I signed up for the Beta so if I’m selected I’ll be able to provide some  more accurate impressions of the game in the near future, depending on disclosure agreements and such.  Stay tuned!


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