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Upside Down

Upside_Down_PosterIt’s always nice to find a small fantasy or science fiction film that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Upside Down is like that. A science fiction romance, Upside Down is about a young man fighting against all odds to search for the woman he loves, an age old theme. However, there is a twist, which is what you would expect from a science fiction film. Not only are the two lovers separated by social class and politics but by a weird planetary system – the planets they live on are twin worlds. The gravity system on each of these planets pull in the opposite direction. Those who live on the poverty-stricken planet are destined to be trapped there while those who live on the wealthy planet remain there. Travel between the two worlds is forbidden. Interestingly enough, the highest mountain peaks on each planet are so close that they almost touch and this is where the two first meet each other. A vast corporation called Transworld is the only place where travel between the planets is made possible. The young man, Adam, infiltrates Transworld and this is where he starts on his journey to find the girl he loves. It sets the stage for an interesting and unique story told with a timeless theme. Upside Down is in limited release. For behind the scenes videos and other information on the film, visit the website:


Upside Down was directed by Juan Solanas, stars Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. Upside Down was released in theaters March 15, 2013.

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  1. As strange as the concept is…I am going to see this film.

  2. I’m torn. This sounds interesting and I love Jim Sturgess… but I loathe Kirsten Dunst. I’ll probably see it though.