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Wolverine Tweaser Trailer!

wolvyWhat the heck is a tweaser?  Apparently it is a blast of one second shots from a movie crafted into something like a teaser trailer.  And this one was posted by James Mangold, director of the new Wolverine movie.  Check it out below!

Wolverine Tweaser!

Are you back?  Good.  So, what did we see there?  In addition to a flurry of shots of Hugh Jackman back in full adamantium clawed form, we also saw quick snippets of various other characters.  These included, Viper, Yukio, Mariko, Silver Samurai and interestingly Jean Grey.

What does the presence of each of these characters mean for the film?  First, it is important to understand that this movie takes place after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand.  Jean Grey is most likely part of a dream or memory sequence meant to show how much Logan is caught up in guilt and remorse for killing her (thanks to this: for that bit).  But it should be remembered that she had the power of the Phoenix and there is a major time-travel based X-Men movie on the way…

Moving on, Mariko, Yukio, Viper, and Silver Samurai are all connected to the love story that develops between Mariko and Logan.  It’s too early to say how closely the movie will follow the old Frank Miller story but all the pieces are in place for a fairly faithful adaptation.  Excepting of course the fact that the story was originally set much earlier in Wolverines history.  In any case, here’s a primer on Yukio that touches on the rest:

For those who’ve been following the development of the various comic movies Viper is the most interesting character.  While she was involved in the original stories, she is also part of Hydra, the organization we were first introduced to in Captain America.  Normally, this would be merely interesting but Captain America is owned by Marvel Studios while the film rights for X-Men and company are owned by Fox.  And before you suggest that Viper won’t be part of Hydra in Wolverine, notice her green costume.  It is very similar to the comics.  While we might not hear Hydra mentioned by name, we are being primed to the think of it at the least.  And given that Mark Millar, the recently appointed czar of Fox’s comic movies has said he’d like to leave things open for a cross-over with the Avengers world, one wonders if this is the first tangible result of those hopes for what would be a box office bonanza.

The first trailer for Wolverine comes out Wednesday and the movie releases on July 26!

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