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Wonder Woman Fan Film Trailer is SUPER!

From Director Jesse V. Johnson and starring Nina Bergman as Wonder Woman, comes this amazing fan made trailer for a Wonder Woman movie.

This is the type of action and story that would make for a (real) perfect Wonder Woman movie! Who wouldn’t want to see Nazi’s stomped under the boots of Amazonian justice? The action scenes are filled with a solid mix of fight scenes and tense story.

The cast also includes: Peter Stormare, Timothy V. Murphy, and Matthias Hues

Since the 1970’s run of the Wonder Woman television series starring Lynda Carter, TV executives have been tying to find a way to bring the character back to the audiences. In 2011 NBC attempted this comeback, but was crushed under the criticism of fans when the script for the pilot episode leaked and ultimately triggering execs to pull the plug.

Could this trailer prove that a Wonder Woman movie could be accomplished if done right?

You can see more on the Wonder Woman Fan Trailer Facebook page.


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  1. Saw this a week or so. It isn’t bad, though are clearly going with a lower power version of Wonder Woman. The version that can go toe to toe with Superman would tear some Nazis up!