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Iron Maiden's Trooper Beer


Well it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than with a fine ale and energetic music?  What kind of music do you like to listen to while enjoying a tasty refreshment?  There are a lot of fantasy & sci-fi fans that order their musical refreshment in a metallic fashion, hard and heavy as in IRON MAIDEN!  Well now beer and metal music fans have reason to sing a chorus of metal rejoicing!  The classic heavy metal band, IRON MAIDEN, have just announced Trooper Beer.  Thats right guvna, it’s not very ‘eavy, nor very ‘umble, sportin’ a light 4.8% alcohol content and a Union Jack wielding  zombie.  What metal fan with any pieces of his mind left wouldn’t want to see Eddie the ‘ed on their beer?

According to the website – the taps will be running freely this May!


Iron Maiden announced it officially on their website on March 12th (probably better not to announce a beer with a Union Jack label on St. Patrick’s Day – wise choice lads.)    Checkout the video featuring pilot/swordsman/lead singer Bruce Dickinson talking about Trooper Beer below:

Bruce introduces ‘Trooper’ from Trooper on Vimeo. sheds some light on the choice of name and more:

Trooper is a premium British beer inspired by Iron Maiden and handcrafted at Robinsons brewery. Being a real ale enthusiast, vocalist Bruce Dickinson has developed a beer which has true depth of character. Malt flavours and citric notes from a unique blend of Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops dominate this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.

The Charge Of The Light Brigade, which inspired the Iron Maiden song The Trooper, took place at the Battle Of Balaclava (1854) during the Crimean War when 6—British cavalry courageously charged the massed Russian artillery. This gallant but foolhardy assault resulted in a massive loss of life and came about due to a misunderstanding of an order given by the commanding officer, Lord Raglan.”

Given their choice of a seemingly golden ale, its likely they had a Fear of the Dark Beer.  Who can blame them – they know their fans and have entered the beer market without bringing their lager to the slaughter!  Congrats to the lads in Iron Maiden.  A new toast shall be heard throughout the land – UP THE IRONS!

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