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Epic Fantasy Short Film: Spectre

One of the great things about this new information age is the empowerment of indie artists of all kinds; artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers. Indie artists are doing great and interesting things. Jason Denzel, writer, director, filmmaker and webmaster of the biggest Wheel of Time website on the internet, Dragonmount, has relaunched his fantasy film, Spectre. Production started back in 2007 but the funding wasn’t there to make it all that the director hoped and he wasn’t able to finish it. Launching a campaign on Kickstarter, Denzel finally got the funding he needed to finish the film. The money will go toward hiring a team of artists and other professionals to help with visual effects, special effects, music and distribution. The raw footage of the film looks great and the story is intriguing! You can see snippets of it with the director explaining his vision for the film and the story here. Spectre is a short epic fantasy film about a fallen paladin who wakes up on a battlefield and finds a powerful and dangerous sword, Spectre. Spectre is responsible for much of the destruction wreaked upon the land and the paladin vows to take the sword to a temple where it can be destroyed. However, there is far more to the story than that. The sword is not what most of the world thinks it is. What does this mean? Well, this is only a teaser. The great thing about this is that the Kickstarter campaign has been completely funded so Denzel is now able to move forward in his quest to finish the film. We will be able to see this story and know what the sword named Spectre really is when the film is released. The estimated delivery date is November, 2013.

If you didn’t know about this project, well, now you know! Check it out!


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  1. This kind of independent, original creativity is absolutely inspiring!

  2. I want to see this film as well!

  3. This looks great! We live in a great time – this is just going to be the beginning. Great job to the team!

  4. Nice find Victoria!

  5. Thanks!