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New X-Files Comics Coming

From IDW and 20th Century Fox Consumer products will be collaborating on a project to bring the science fiction series The X-Files back to comics. This is not the first time The X-Files franchise has been in comics. Their plan is twofold. First, they will reprint comic book collections of classic X- Files issues that were published between 1995 ...

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Legends of the Knight – A Batman Documentary

This heartwarming film from producer/director Brett Culp will document 48 interviews with real life people that discuss their stories on how Batman has inspired them. The film visits many from around the country including Batman writer, Denny O’Neil. A trailer was released for the documentary in order to help raise funding to finish the project. Their Kickstarter can be found ...

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Epic Fantasy Short Film: Spectre

One of the great things about this new information age is the empowerment of indie artists of all kinds; artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers. Indie artists are doing great and interesting things. Jason Denzel, writer, director, filmmaker and webmaster of the biggest Wheel of Time website on the internet, Dragonmount, has relaunched his fantasy film, Spectre. Production started back in 2007 ...

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The "Pulp-O-Mizer" – Pulp Magazine Cover Generator

The Pulp – O-Mizer was created by artist Bradley W. Schenck, the Pulp-O-Mizer is a fun generator that allows you to create your own covers with the classic “pulp” theme. Unfortunately at this time, you are not able to upload your own images and logos. From the website: “The Pulp-O-Mizer was conceived and created – from its images to its ...

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