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"The Force" Behind the Next Star Wars Movie: J.J. Abrams Confirmed to Direct

JJ Abrams: Disney's Choice for the future of the Star Wars Franchise
JJ Abrams: Disney’s Choice for the future of the Star Wars Franchise

The much debated topic of “who will direct the next Star Wars movie” is now over…

TheWrap.Com was first to report that the Director of Disney’s first installment to the Star Wars franchise will be J.J. Abrams!

When it was announced that Lucas had sold his renowned space epic to Disney, fans around the globe voiced their rage over the $4 billion deal! But with the decision to appoint Abrams to the helm (Star Trek pun accidental), those disapproving fans should now see Disney’s commitment to the success of the franchise. This comes as a surprise as Abrams had said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he had no intentions of taking the job if asked. I am guessing the “Force” was strong with Disney Execs?


Let’s not forget what other accomplishments that Disney has made with regards to its purchase of Marvel. After the purchase of Marvel, the quality of films coming from Marvel films has enhanced astronomically! Their recent successful achievements as a studio can also be summed up in two words, “THE AVENGERS”!

The fallout from Star Trek fans and Paramount Studios remains to be seen with Abrams crossover to the Star Wars universe, but “nerd politics” aside, Abrams is the perfect choice. Abrams has proven with the “reboot” of the recent Star Trek movie, that he has the uncanny ability to breath new life in a stagnant franchise. Let’s hope his vision will make the memories of Jar Jar Binks disappear.

(Check out this must see video from Belated Media – “What if Star Wars: Episode 1 Was Good”)

Star Wars: Episode 7 - Jedi Academy?
Star Wars: Episode 7 – Jedi Academy?

With the Abrams appointment, we should now see movement on the other great debates…who will star in the upcoming space drama? I, for one, would love to see a Mark Hamill reprising his role as an older Luke Skywalker, now the founder of the Jedi Academy, but…the future is clouded on that vision. One can dream.

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  1. The fact that I walked out of the reboot of the Star Trek movie totally and incredibly in love with the series all over again I think goes a long way for J.J — I’m going to throw him a line with the Star Wars and hope for the best that I can walk out of the cinema with the same sensation.
    That he managed to get my little *sister* into Star Trek with that reboot…well…he and his team are miracle workers there XD
    I’m actually looking forward to seeing what Disney comes up with 🙂 Hopefully something for my someday future kids to enjoy as much as I enjoyed the originals.

  2. Awesome job Rifflo!!!

  3. Awesome news!

  4. Well, anyone is better than George Lucas, except maybe Peter Jackson. 😉

  5. Good news indeed, if he can do for Stars Wars(not the originals) what he did for Star Trek then happy days.