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Ares Games Announces – Lords of Middle-Earth "Limited Edition"


From the creators of the Lord of the Rings inspired strategy board game, War of the Ring, comes the limited edition “Lords of Middle-Earth” Limited Edition expansion.

From designers Roberto DiMeglio, Marco Maggi, and Francesco Nepitello, and the stunning art of John Howe and Jon Hodgson, this expansion gives players the opportunity to discover other adventures and new characters. Possibilities include Elrond, Galadriel,the dreadful Balrog and more.

From the official site;


“The expansion also features new special Action Dice – Elven Ring Keepers dice for the Free Peoples player and Lesser Minion dice for the Shadow player – and new versions of all the Companions of the Fellowship of the Ring, to play the optional “Council of Rivendell” rules.

In addition to the painted miniatures (compatible with the War of the Ring Collector’s Edition), the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth will include the Treebeard promotional mini-expansion (with painted miniature and card) and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

All the contents are packaged in an elegant, embossed and hot-foil stamped, box.”

Take command of the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth like the strong Men of Rohan and Gondor, or the majestic Elves of Rivendell. Prepare to battle the many dark forces of Mordor including fierce Orcs, massive Trolls, Wolfriders and the vile Ringwraiths.

War of the Rings is the ultimate strategy based board game for two to four players. Test your guile on the battle field of Middle-Earth!

Pre-orders will open in January 2013 on the Ares Games website.

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  1. Seems like an interesting version of Axis and Allies?

  2. The Pre-orders are now available for this NOW. I ordered mine today. Bet anything this collectable will be all snatched up in a day or two. It’s how gamers roll ;D