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Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection

Star Trek geeks, get ready! La La Land Records is planning to release the definitive soundtrack: Star Trek Original Series Soundtrack! This collection will feature every piece of music heard in the series and then some! One of the great things about the music from Star Trek: The Original Series is that it is orchestral – one of the things that makes it distinct from its successors. The music scored for it harkens back to the great adventure films and shows of the 1940’s and the 1950’s. The style is theatrical, vigorous and expressive and is an experience in and of itself. One can listen to the music of Star Trek: TOS and enjoy it as an excellent standalone experience. Later on, this traditional style was also used in John William’s score Star Wars, one reason why it is so well loved, but Star Trek did it first!

This is an important and exciting release because it is the “whole enchilada” as they say. Every piece of music created for the show is in this soundtrack collection and besides that, much of the music created for the series never actually made it into any of the episodes. In this collection not only will you hear all of the music you heard in the shows but all of the music actually made for the television series. For those of us that collect soundtracks and film scores you know the annoyance of wanting a certain cue, motif, song or piece of music, waiting for an album soundtrack for years and then when a soundtrack or score – or several – is finally released, your favorite piece of music is not on the album! That will not be the case here.

All tracks have been remastered in the highest possible quality. There are 15 discs in all and La-La Land has divided the liner notes into a 24-page overview booklet, supplemented by three individual season-specific 33-page booklets. Each of these will be housed within its corresponding clamshell case. A short video detailing what fans can expect from this fabulous release can be seen below. It certainly won’t be cheap but for a Star Trek fan who has always wanted the great music from this show, it is worth it. This is an important release from a Star Trek fan standpoint, from a pop-culture standpoint and from a collector’s standpoint.
Star Trek: The Original Series Collection will be released December 4, 2012.

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