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Enemy Mine Deluxe Edition Soundtrack


It’s always good to hear when a company has decided to extend or re-release an old soundtrack or film score, especially a superior version of that score. Released next month on November 6 2012 with added bonus material is the soundtrack to the 1985 science- fiction film Enemy Mine, a deluxe edition. Conducted by Maurice Jarre and released by Varese Sarabande, this is a limited edition release. Only 1500 copies will be available so pick yours up quickly.

The original, released had only ten tracks. This time around soundtrack fans get some alternate tracks as well as a greatly expanded score. Lots of extra music from an excellent score. Where there were only ten tracks on the original release there are now thirty-two new, alternate and unreleased tracks with better better sound. What a treat for soundtrack fans!

The film itself is one of the best serious science fiction films of the 80’s, dealing with themes that are resonant and timeless, like the best of science fiction does. Two men, one human the other an alien and deadly enemies, their planets engaged in a destructive war against each other, find themselves crashed and stranded on a desolate, hellish planet and eventually they realize that in order for them both to survive they must overcome their hatred of each other and work together.

The score is a plane of contrasts – it is both electronic and orchestral but unlike many electronic scores of this era, which sound very dated today in my opinion, this holds up well because of that timeless element in all great scores – an orchestra. It is forbidding, eerie and alien yet there are times especially towards the end of the soundtrack where the tone switches to a sweeping orchestral sound and it becomes rousing and epic. Truly, a great score and one that I would call a hidden gem. One of my favorite tracks is Before the Drac Holy Council where you hear the Drac chorus blended into the music. Jarre himself has blended both the electronic and the orchestral expertly and it makes for a fascinating listening experience. You feel transported to an alien world without it sounding dated. This score was given a much needed deluxe treatment.

For those that enjoyed the film – I certainly did – this is definitely a must have for those that also love film scores and soundtracks or science fiction and fantasy in general. Get it for your collection, it’s an excellent soundtrack. You can preview the tracks of the original score on YouTube.

Enemy Mine Deluxe Edition score will be released November 6th.



About the author: Victoria A. Jeffrey is a published author who loves to write and read fantasy, science fiction and poetry. She also loves music, history, cooking and nearly anything Tolkien related.

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  1. I have loved this movie, Enemy Mine, from the day I first saw it. I especially love the theme of two enemies learning to partner up to survive. One scene of a lighter moment that really stands out in my memory was when they were trading insults and Drac insulted “Mickey Mouse” to his face — Lol!

  2. It is a great movie!