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The Hobbit Movie Preview in Empire Magazine

Picture of Sir Ian from the Empire Magazine interview

Empire releases it’s latest issue featuring The Hobbit!

Empire offers 5 magnificent covers to choose from containing a different Hobbit cast member on the front. You can choose Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, Galadriel, or Thorin. If you are one of those excitable fans like me, buy them all! previewed part of its interview with Sir Ian McKellen as he talked about filming and who was in charge of the band of Dwarves,

“It’s Thorin, not Gandalf, driving this quest. Gandalf is not quite certain that the quest is the right thing to be doing. It is, after all, just rescuing some money. He also has doubts that Thorin is up to the job. But every suggestion Gandalf makes seems to be rejected.”

The interview continues with Sir Ian talking about his frustrations and some difficulties during filming,

“I have a fight with Barry Humphries, playing the Goblin [King], but he wasn’t around. I didn’t get to work with Stephen Fry or Benedict Cumberbatch. Ian Holm and Christopher Lee both did their work here. I did get a little bit to do with Billy Connolly. And the gorgeous Bret McKenzie, one of the Flying Conchords (sic), is back as Figwit.”

To read more on this interview and others from the upcoming Peter Jackson epic trilogy, The Hobbit, visit Empire Magazine online or visit your local bookstore.

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