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"Luxury Hobbit Feet" for Frodo – According to Astin

According to, at the recent NYC Comic Con, Sean Astin recounted his experience with the first generation of Hobbit feet that he wore during the filming of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

While filming a scene in the Lord of the Rings and climbing a hill while wearing the glued on feet, Astin stated, “When you sweat, you start to slip around … and I thought ‘I’ve got a $250 million franchise right here!”

“Luxury” Hobbit Feet

With the improvements in special effect and those in the creation of the new Hobbit feet, Astin talked about his conversation with his former co-star, Elijah Wood, about the new “Hobbit feet”, “Elijah says they’re so comfortable. And I’m like, ‘pissed off!” (laughing) “The new and improved XLS BMW hobbit feet — hobbit feet 5 [holds up like iPhone like Steve Jobs]”

According to Stahler from, “Astin also waxed poetic about the magic of Tolkien. Though he didn’t know a thing about the author or his works when he accepted the role, Astin ran straight to Barnes and Noble and was immediately moved by the words in Tolkien’s books. “”‘Home.’ It sounds like it feels. And that’s all through the book,”” says Astin, remarking on the quality of the words Tolkien chooses. When he read the famous line, “”Don’t go, Mr. Frodo. Don’t go where I can’t follow,””he says, “”Those words spoke to me and I wanted to say them out loud.”

And for the 80’s movies fans, Astin talked about a possible Goonies sequel, “I guarantee 100 percent without fail, no questions about it, there will be a sequel to Goonies.” I for one would be very excited if this were to happen!

Read more about Sean Astin’s upcoming project, Cabin Fever, in an article written earlier this year.

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