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TOR: Lake-Town Sourcebook Update!

More Teasers for the Lore-Master Screen

and Lake-Town Sourcebook

Cubicle 7 Publishing seems committed to keeping all the fans of The One Ring: Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild on the edge of their seat! They’ve expanded their interview of The Lake-Town Sourcebook into two parts! In this second part of this discussion between Jon Hodgson and Francesco Nepitello, we get a chance to see a brand new Culture for The One Ring player characters. Whether a merchant prince or man of the river, players of The One Ring can now distinguish themselves from the more broadly defined Bardings of Dale by portraying a Man who calls Lake-Town their home.

As if that wasn’t enough, just to keep gamers salivating, they’ve released the cover art for the Lake-Town Sourcebook, created by none other than the Lead Artist Jon Hodgson! So sit back, listen for the cry of the dock-side gulls and gaze into the ¬†waters of the Long Lake as Francesco and Jon keep you eager for the next adventure over the edge of the Wild.



The second part of this interview can be found on the Cubicle 7 Publishing YouTube channel.

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