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A Legendarium Media Exclusive:  You are hearing it here for the first time anywhere;
Legendarium Media is very honored to be the bearer of the introduction CEDARLORE FORGE.
Cedarlore Forge is the mythopoetically inspired work of Swordsmith and Artist, David DelaGardelle. David crafts one-of-a-kind fully functional swords and fine art.

David was the co-founder and former owner of the smithy “Mad Dwarf Workshop“.

Cedarlore Forge is David’s serious artistic exploration of the Northern European mythopoetic tradition, in the form of uniquely hand forged swords and artwork. He attempts to embody the ideology that Professor J.R.R. Tolkien spoke of in his poem “Mythopoeia” when he wrote of the creation of art as a transcendent truth that can glorify and praise our own Creator.

David crafts each piece with meaning and purpose, a mythic story to tell, and a truth to be known. He works with the raw materials as closely as they would have been used thousands of years ago by historical swordsmiths. Also, he is inspired by both the classical and legendary works of old writers and folktales. The natural environments of his childhood shaped his imagination into the craftsman he is today.


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