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LEGO Lord of the Rings – E3 Demo

Earlier today on Game Trailers TV, Warner Bros and Monolith Productions unveiled game play for LEGO Lord of the Rings!

The game play is like many of the other games in the LEGO franchise, but enhanced by recreating scenes from the movies that we all have grown to love. As an added bonus, the game developers are actually taking the audio from the actors in the movie, so the game is that much more authentic.

The graphics look amazing, bringing that childish glow from the previous LEGO games to a whole new level. The game play shown was from the Cave Troll scene in Moria. Each frame from the movie is beautifully recreated in game, created “block by block” in LEGOs! The comedic elements from prior LEGO games are here, as you see they have deviated from the story somewhat to enhance those elements. Doing this also allows for more puzzle solving, which this game series has been known for.

Each character from the fellowship is playable, and each have their own independent abilities. For example, LEGOlas has the his ability to aim and fire his bow anywhere on screen, and the player can change fluidly from character to another.

As of now, no release date has been definitively set, but expect the game to release this fall in conjunction with the release of The Hobbit movie this Christmas and Holiday season.

Stay tuned to Middle-earth News as more information is unveiled this week at E3 in Los Angeles!

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