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Weatherstock 2012!

Weatherstock 2012 is coming fast! On June 16th, 2012 from 4pm to 7pm servertime, the largest and greatest gathering of minstrels and musicians alike will gather upon the summit of Amon Sul to entertain all!

Weatherstock is a player-run event on the Landroval server, hosted by The Lonely Mountain Band Kinship. Don’t have a character on Landroval, but still want to attend? Worried about your low level character getting attacked in the dangerous Lonelands? Don’t worry! The Lonely Mountain Band will be providing escorts and ports to the event, so that all may attend!

Worried about your computer blowing up from just the sheer awesomeness before you? Epic lag is always a feature of Weatherstock, but you can take precautions so even the mightiest computers can handle this event! Head on over to the Weatherstock Lorebook page, and followed the detailed steps on what to set your graphics at so you can enjoy this massive event to the fullest!

Also on the Lorebook page you will find Band lineups, rules and guidelines and any other information regarding the event. Keep an eye out on A Casual Stroll to Mordor, as the team at CSTM will be covering this event!
Check out the video below for Highlights from Weatherstock 2011!

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