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LotRO Update 7 Information Released!

Turbine has announced Update 7 to “The Lord of the Rings Online”: Shades of the Past!

Shades of the Past will feature two major area revamps, as well as an all new skirmish!


The new skirmish is called Storm on Methedras! It’s been a while since a new skirmish was released, and this skirmish looks to be a good one. Gauged for players level 70-75, this end game skirmish is set up for two tiers of difficulty and for groups 1-12 strong. Methedras is one of the mountains near the south end of the Misty Mountain range, and is now the staging point for the allies of Saruman to launch a “supernatural attack on Rohan.” Fight alongside the Rangers as you seek to drive this evil from the mountain side!

Fornost is getting some long needed love from the devs, and is one of the two areas getting a revamp! This revamp is both an upgrade graphically as well as a gameplay upgrade! The area of Fornost will be split into four, two-tiered instances, much like the Great Barrows was done in past updates, and will be available to adventurers to explore from levels 30-75!

And finally, Moria will be getting revamped as well! Moria, which at the time of the initial release of the Mines of Moria expansion, opened up the largest and most popular dungeons in literary history for each player to explore. It is being revamped to look even more breath-taking! The update revamp will also be including restructured quests, to make the questlines more free-flowing!

We do know that Update 7 will hit the Bullroarer test server later this week, but we also know that the update will be live on all servers before June 5th!


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