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The One Ring RPG Summer/Fall Product Schedule

“In fact I will go so far as to send you on this adventure.”
-Gandalf, The Hobbit

Cubicle 7 and Sophisticated Games have announced their release schedule through autumn of this year! In addition to Tales of the Wilderland, which is already available in PDF and still accepting pre-orders, they’ve got a plethora of great supplements and products lined up in the near future. These products include…

Tales from Wilderland – a 160-page adventure anthology of seven adventures that can be linked together to form one campaign. It’s already available for pre-order at the Cubicle 7 website and the PDF is now available to purchase at RPG Now. Scheduled for print release in May or June.

The One Ring Dice Set – available to purchase as a single set of seven dice, or in a collection of three 7-dice sets. Pre-orders the single set and the three-pack for are available at the Cubicle 7 website. Scheduled for release in May or June.

Loremaster’s Screen & Laketown Sourcebook – This heavy duty screen features the art of Jon Hodgson and a sourcebook detailing the largest settlement in northern Wilderland, including a new culture: The Men of the Lake! Scheduled for release in July or August.

The Darkening of Mirkwood – This epic campaign sourcebook features a plethora of adventures that span over 30 years of in-setting game-play! Scheduled for release this Autumn.

Rivendell (Title not confirmed) – This core supplement will feature information on The Last Homely House, the surrounding area, and magical artifacts. It will also include two new cultures: The Rangers of the North and the Elves of Rivendell! Scheduled for release this Autumn.

All titles and release dates are subject to change. All products will be available for pre-order once they’ve gone to print!

The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild logo is copyright Cubicle 7 Publishing, Sophisticated Games and Middle-earth Enterprises.

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