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Vikings Season 3: ‘The Wanderer’

***SPOILERS*** The second episode of Vikings is a bit disturbing when it comes to different areas of myth. The Wanderer is an episode of mysterious things. What I like about this episode is that we see more difference in the Viking and Christian world. Funny about the episode is that it is about language barriers and barriers between gods. If ...

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Vikings “Wrap Up” Fun!

Hail Vikings fans! Today the Vikings Instagram exploded after a new video with behind the scene and private photos of the cast was posted. In the video, you could see some of the scenery, costumes and new cast members. It is fun to watch and definitely fun to see what happened over the past six months and what fun they had in doing it. The new ...

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Vikings season 3 close to end filming

    After six months of filming. The Viking cast is now in the last two weeks shooting. after that it will be waiting for us until March. There will be one main character who is going to die we don’t know who yet. Rumours are gone wild about this especially because we missed three of the main characters at ...

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One Vikings Saga to Rule Them All!

I was doing research for my portrait/review on Earl Haraldson and then I came across the Saint’s Saga of Olaf Haraldson. The longest and most completed one of that time. I was looking for the answer to “did Earl Haraldson and Ragnar came across each other in that saga”. I couldn’t find any evidence. After a while I read the ...

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