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Tolkien’s Magical Inventory

Trolls’ purses are the mischief, and this was no exception. “ ‘Ere, ‘oo are you?” it squeaked, as it left the pocket; and William turned round at once and grabbed Bilbo by the neck, before he could duck behind the tree. —From The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Imagine poor Bilbo’s surprise when he tries to pick one of the trolls’ ...

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Cool Like Bombadillo

(Tom Bombadil by The Brothers Hildebrandt) J.R.R. Tolkien’s character of Tom Bombadil was based on one of the author’s beloved childhood toys—a doll that accidentally got flushed down a toilet. Many Tolkien aficionados wish that the enigmatic inhabitant of the Old Forest had stayed in that loo, never to resurface in Tolkien’s subconscious. I’m not one of those Bombadillo bashers, ...

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The Ring: From Middle-Earth to Modern History

Recently I had the honor to be a guest blogger for Jens Hansen and write an article on the ring as jewelry. The following is a sample of my submission. [A ring is] “The article of jewelry around which centers tradition, antiquity, utility and symbolic meaning of the greatest reverential character.” In the JRR Tolkien classics, The Hobbit and The ...

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Pre-order Tales of Wilderland for One Ring RPG

Exciting news from Cubicle 7 Publishing and Sophisticated Games! “Where are you taking us?” “Into the Wild.” -Frodo and Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring Cubicle 7 Publishing and Sophisticated Games have an exciting year coming up for The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild table-top role-playing! They’re already taking pre-orders for the first supplement for the ...

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