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5 Tips for Reading “The Silmarillion”

As Professor Tolkien’s birthday comes and goes, a lot of fans of his work begin, for some, their annual read-through of his work. The Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are the most common ones to be read, though for most fans the first book on this list can be the hardest. Why is that? Tolkien is often criticized in ...

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Pre-Raphaelite Style

A Song of Ice and Fire Pre-Raphaelite Style by Joe Gilronan There are some truly stunning pieces of art connected to the George RR Martin novels, the following link being a prime example. George RR Martin: However, there are alternatives? With a few tweaks and a little imagination I have always thought that the art of the Pre-Raphaelites makes for ...

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An Axe-Wielding Minstrel Goes to Mythmoot

For those who don’t know, Mythmoot is one of the many brainchildren of Corey Olsen, the Tolkien Professor.  Eager for a a way to discuss The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey with fellow Tolkien enthusiasts the good professor established Mythmoot so that the desired gathering could watch the film and discuss it at length without upsetting the average movie goer.  And ...

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