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The Expanded Universe as “Low Pulp” Star Wars

The Expanded Universe as “Low Pulp” Star Wars by Dom Nardi When Return of the Jedi hit theaters in May 1983, it supposedly brought the Star Wars saga to a conclusion. The Rebels blew up the second Death Star, Darth Vader redeemed himself by throwing the Emperor down a bottomless pit, and the Ewoks held a luau over the bodies ...

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Star Wars: Is the EU Really Gone?

Ever since Disney and the Lucasfilm Story Group announced that the already-existing Expanded Universe would be rebranded as “Legends” and no longer continued as it was, many Star Wars fans have taken the news especially hard. They blame Disney for “killing the EU” and invalidating the stories that many spent years reading and re-reading in favor of stifling a franchise ...

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Big Developments on the EU Front

A few months back, LucasFilm and Disney announced that the Star Wars Expanded Universe would undergo a major upheaval in coming months in order to create a more unified universe. This weekend came not just one announcement, but several regarding the future of the Star Wars novels. Junior novels were announced for Star Wars Rebels last year, causing many adult ...

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Sword of the Jedi Trilogy "On Hold"

Well, it looks like the first casualty of the reformation of the Star Wars EU has come. Christie Golden tweeted yesterday: The Sword of the Jedi trilogy would have focused on Jaina Solo following the events of Fate of the Jedi. Whether or not the “indefinite hiatus” will translate to actual cancellation for this series is yet to be determined. ...

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