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Two Iconic Villains Get Their Own Comics

This spring will see the return of two of the most feared (and loved) villains from both Green Lantern and Star Wars in their own solo debut titles. Sinestro will hit shelves on April 16 and will focus more on the infamous yellow Lantern along with Lyssa Drak, the record keeper of the Sinestro Corps. Thaal Sinestro has lost everything ...

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RUMOR: Mark Strong & Bryan Cranston to Appear in Batman vs. Superman?

DC Comics News started off the weekend with a pretty awesome rumor, which would be even more awesome if it turned out to be true. “Bryan Cranston and Mark Strong’s names have already popped up multiple times as contenders to play Lex Luthor due to their intense acting abilities and well-regarded bald heads. If all turns out according to this ...

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