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Middle-earth Menu: “Solid Farmhouse Fare”

By Astrid Tuttle Winegar I’m sure Mrs. Maggot would be fond of this convenient, rib-sticking casserole. It would utilize many of those lovely root vegetables from her well-tended garden. She (or you) might assemble the dish in the morning or even the night before she expects company. You’d want to cover and refrigerate it overnight and take it out about ...

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Middle-earth Menu: “The Gaffer’s Potentially Pungent Potatoes”

  I like to picture Sam’s father, Hamfast Gamgee (otherwise known as “the Gaffer” or “Old Gamgee”), holding court at The Ivy Bush and challenging his fellow hobbits to make some good old mashed potatoes as pungent as possible. The Gaffer would most likely have the upper hand, being an accomplished gardener, of course. He’d know where the tastiest Shire ...

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