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A Recipe Review

This post by Robyn Kraft originally appeared on the Oloris Publishing website, here: Ye Olde Director of Poetry here. This last year hasn’t found me in the kitchen all too often, which is a real shame. During grad school stress baking was a very real thing I would indulge in. Everyone around me gained weight. I enjoy the simplicity of ...

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Middle-earth Menu: “Buckland Steaks”

By Astrid Tuttle Winegar Our next mushroom-heavy recipe is bound to a favorite on the enormous Buckland table. As shown in the photo, your best choices for dinner sides are mashed potatoes and some sort of green vegetable, such as peas. Beer is optional; pretty much any beverage will go well with this comforting meal. You know, my favorite hobbit ...

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A Brave New Epic for a Brave New World

A Brave New Epic for a Brave New World Or, the Origins of a Mythology By John C. Evans Four or five children sit around a burning hearth. Their faces are obscured by shadow. But I know them all. My little shoulders twitch as I peer coolly out the window. There is mist on the hills, and I can see ...

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