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Actress Pat Priest Remembers “The Munsters,” Elvis in Exclusive Interview During Final Convention Tour

  It may seem ironic that the niece in a family of monsters oozes class. Pat Priest, whose most famous film credit is Marilyn Munster in the classic family sitcom “The Munsters,” has her own modest explanation: “Do you know a lot of that comes with age? It’s called ‘mellowing out.'” The polished, lady-like actress worked prolifically for television for over ten years in ...

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World War Kaiju Project By Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy

I’m a regular listener to the Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing podcast and often I keep my ears alert for new books and projects that the Legendarium Media audience might find interesting. On one particular show, I first heard about the World War Kaiju graphic novel by Josh Finney and Patrick McEvoy. I wrote a short article about it some months ...

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Godzilla 2: Release Date and Possible Foes

Godzilla 2 Release Date and Possible Foes By David Glenn One of the biggest movies of the summer has gotten the green light for a sequel, and the official release date has been confirmed to be June 8th, 2018. Be sure to mark your calendars for the event. If you haven’t already heard Legendary has hinted at three possible monsters ...

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Basil Gogos’ Famous Movie Monsters

Basil Gogos Famous Movie Monsters by Joe Gilronan The art of Basil Gogos and in particular his portrayal of movie monsters is the stuff of legend. Not only has he covered all the classic characters Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster to name just a few, but also the iconic horror actors who brought them to life; think Bela Lugosi, Boris ...

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World War Kaiju!

World War Kaiju Series One: The Cold War Years is a satirical graphic novel project set in an alternate history where the atom bomb was never created but instead, the ultimate weapons of mass destruction are the Kaiju – terrible, massive beasts that were spawned from a mysterious KAI-235 isotope. Follow one journalist as he travels with a retired DIA ...

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