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Gotham: The Penguin’s Umbrella

Yes, I know this is running a little later than usual.  What can I say, life happens.  Moving on… Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is how make a great episode!  Redemption, taking a stand, twists, turns, it’s got it all! We begin with everyone reacting to the revelation that Cobblepot is still alive.  Basically, the Falcone people, including Harvey Bullock ...

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“Gotham” Premiere: Not the Review You Want, but the Review You Need!

A Batman show that’s not about Batman, yet still capitalizes on other well-known characters while focusing on an incarnation of Jim Gordon that’s rather different from what we’re used to. And Jada Pinkett-Smith is there for some reason. That’s pretty much what the pilot episode of Gotham is in a nutshell. The biggest problem of the episode is not necessarily ...

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Gotham is Looking for a Young Bruce Wayne

Reports have emerged from rumor mill that the Gotham TV series in development at Fox is casting for a young Bruce Wayne.  As has already been reported elsewhere, the series will focus on a younger James Gordon and with this latest development, we also here that the primary plot (at least initially) will be Gordon’s investigation of murder of Bruce’s ...

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DC & Warner Bros. Gearing Up For Three New Series

Comic book heroes have almost become a staple for blockbuster films in recent years, but for anyone wanting to see more superheroes on the small screen, DC and Warner Bros. have heard your pleas! First up, the Flash is getting his own spinoff from The CW’s Arrow...or is at least having the idea mulled over. Before his own series is given ...

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