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New Indiana Jones Animated Movie a Must-See!

Indiana Jones Animated Movie

New Adventure, Travel-Sized It’s time to dust off your whip and fedora, because Indiana Jones is back for another adventure!  No, I’m not talking about Indy 5; I’m talking about “The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” an animated movie by Patrick Schoenmaker. And because it has everything fans want, it’s a must-see! The globe-trotting hero embarks on a quest to find another ...

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#HarrisonFord: Hollywood Reacts to Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash

The world got quite a scare yesterday when Harrison Ford’s plane went down in Los Angeles. Thankfully, because not even Harrison Ford can take out Harrison Ford, the actor is expected to make a full recovery. Celebrities from all over the science fiction/fantasy genre took to social media to wish the best for the beloved adventure hero. Love came in from the ...

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Fan Film: Indiana Jones and the Lost Idol

I think I’m on a roll with the Indiana Jones thing. This is cool because I’m unearthing some interesting finds, no pun intended. I happened to find a great little short film by an indie film maker Fran Casanova, who is from Tenerife, Canary Islands. He has made a number of short films, some of them winning awards. My focus is ...

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Indiana Jones in Space

Guardians of the Galaxy: Indiana Jones in Space By A.D. Poole One can be forgiven for scratched one’s head after seeing the theatrical trailer for “Guardians of the Galaxy” and thinking, “Have the folks at Marvel lost their minds?” The trailer lacked a compelling premise, showcased weak humor (including once situation that was out of its proper context), and ended ...

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Taking on Hollywood with Grayson: Earth One, Director Hisonni Johnson

Hisonni Johnson is a critically acclaimed film maker from Riverside, California. He is best known for his works, Fight Night Legacy, Olympia and his Grand Prize win at LaWeb Fest. Hisonni’s talent has had him teaming with other creative film makers such as Felicia Day ,Sean Becker and the AMC Network. His latest project, Grayson: Earth One, is a re-imagined ...

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The Making of the Story of Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark

A .pdf transcript of a historic story in movie- making is online for your viewing and reading pleasure. It’s the making of the script of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and it took place back in 1978. It’s interesting to see the story creation and process take shape between the three creators, especially of an iconic ...

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