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Live Stream the 2020 Hugo Awards, CoNZealand, and Gen Con on The Fantasy Network

There may be a pandemic going on, but that’s not stopping science fiction and fantasy fans from finding creative ways to celebrate their genre fun. This weekend, with the help of streaming services offered by┬áThe Fantasy Network (TFN), big name conventions including the 2020 Hugo Awards, World Con (CoNZealand), and Gen Con are all offering live-streaming of sessions and content. ...

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How the Game Trumped the Doctor: An Award Story

How the Game trumped the Doctor: An Award Story by Olga A. Here comes a piece of great news for the Game of Thrones fans, and maybe not of such brilliant news for the Doctor Who aficionados (and a bit of both, if you happen to like the two equally). At the Hugo Awards 2013, which were held last Sunday, ...

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