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Silent Knight. . .Unholy Knight!

DC Comics has a rather unusual promotional teaser for its Batman Black and White #2 comic series. The story, called “Silent Knight. . . Unholy Knight!” and written by Michael Uslan and Dave Bullock among other writers for this series, is presented in black and white like an old silent film, replete with film captions and old time orchestral music. ...

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World War Kaiju!

World War Kaiju Series One: The Cold War Years is a satirical graphic novel project set in an alternate history where the atom bomb was never created but instead, the ultimate weapons of mass destruction are the Kaiju – terrible, massive beasts that were spawned from a mysterious KAI-235 isotope. Follow one journalist as he travels with a retired DIA ...

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Savage Wolverine Goes Cosmic

  From – Jock, the British artist known for his work on the Wolverine Max series, The Losers,  2000 A. D. – and some killer Batman artwork on the Detective Comics series, will be drawing and writing a new arc for Savage Wolverine, the new Wolverine series launched by Marvel Comics in January 2013. In September Issue #9, Jock ...

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New X-Files Comics Coming

From IDW and 20th Century Fox Consumer products will be collaborating on a project to bring the science fiction series The X-Files back to comics. This is not the first time The X-Files franchise has been in comics. Their plan is twofold. First, they will reprint comic book collections of classic X- Files issues that were published between 1995 ...

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