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Superhero Roundup

It has been such a busy week for superhero news, we needed another roundup already! First, we’ll turn to the Marvel Universe and the major news that that Marvel Studios has signed a deal with Netflix to develop individual series for Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, all culminating in a Defenders miniseries.  Look for an article in ...

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DC & Warner Bros. Gearing Up For Three New Series

Comic book heroes have almost become a staple for blockbuster films in recent years, but for anyone wanting to see more superheroes on the small screen, DC and Warner Bros. have heard your pleas! First up, the Flash is getting his own spinoff from The CW’s Arrow...or is at least having the idea mulled over. Before his own series is given ...

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DC Universe: Latest Developments

FLASH!  Ahhhaaahhh!!!!  Oh wait, wrong one.  Not Flash Gordon, but rather, Flash the Fastest Man Alive is getting his own TV series, spun out of Arrow season 2.  At some point during season two, everyone’s favorite bow-wielding vigilante will meet Barry Allen forensic scientist for the police department of Central City. From there, many of the show runners for Arrow ...

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Thoughts on the coming Justice League Movie

Ever since Warner Bros. announced their plans to release a Justice League movie in 2015, the internet has been on fire with rumors and opinions as to the storyline, which characters would be involved, the timing and whether or not it can compare with the shared universe that the fine folks at Marvel Studios have bestowed upon the world.  As ...

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