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The Narrow Road – A Book Review

I received this novel as a prize for helping fund a kickstarter campaign. Erik Yeager, author, producer and filmmaker is the author of The Narrow Road and David Delagardelle is the illustrator. The Narrow Road is an imaginative retelling of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. To be onest, I have yet to read Pilgrim’s Progress so I don’t know how close ...

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Epic Fantasy Short Film: Spectre

One of the great things about this new information age is the empowerment of indie artists of all kinds; artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers. Indie artists are doing great and interesting things. Jason Denzel, writer, director, filmmaker and webmaster of the biggest Wheel of Time website on the internet, Dragonmount, has relaunched his fantasy film, Spectre. Production started back in 2007 ...

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