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“Lightless” by C.A. Higgins: A Review

I’m the first to admit I’m not much of a sci-fi reader. I love sci-fi shows and movies (Killjoys, Gravity, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc), but reading the genre usually seems like more of a chore than a pleasure; I feel my eyes glazing over when scientific and mathematical concepts start getting “explained” with no visual representation for my brain ...

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Star Wars: Is the EU Really Gone?

Ever since Disney and the Lucasfilm Story Group announced that the already-existing Expanded Universe would be rebranded as “Legends” and no longer continued as it was, many Star Wars fans have taken the news especially hard. They blame Disney for “killing the EU” and invalidating the stories that many spent years reading and re-reading in favor of stifling a franchise ...

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Heads up, Star Wars fans! Direct from Del Rey's Official Blog!

Heads up, Star Wars fans! Direct from Del Rey’s Official Blog by Michelle Lawhorn “Hello Star Wars fans! Del Rey Books is thrilled to announce the launch of the Del Rey Star Wars Action Team, or SWAT for short. Whether you’re a die-hard reader who’s consumed every one of the novels over the past 35 years, or a newbie jumping ...

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