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Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 Recap

If you’ve never been to Star Wars Celebration before, let me be the first to tell you that you absolutely must go at least once in your life. For Star Wars fans, it’s like a giant family reunion no matter how you look at it! By the end of preview night, it already felt like that for me. Some people ...

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Raleigh WizardWorld Comic Con Report

  On the weekend of March 13th-15th, warriors, rogues, superheroes, villains, starpilots, men and women, boys and girls, gathered at the first ever Wizard World Comic Con to open in Raleigh, NC. They braved closed-off streets and a St. Patrick’s Day parade to celebrate their fandoms by meeting other fans and their heroes. Their efforts paid off: convention goers got ...

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Kaiju Among Us: An Incredible Pacific Rim Kaiju Cosplay!

Yep, the Pacific Rim fandom is still alive and well! One only needs to look at these amazing photos of an equally incredible cosplay made by Fraulein Ninja Cosplay: a human version of the kaiju Otachi. Want to know how she made all that, including the light-up tail? Then sit down with your favorite beverage and take a gander at ...

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Grand Rapids Comic-Con comes of age in excellent second year!

Zelda and Link Cosplay at the 2014 Grand Rapids Comic-Con

I’m sure that there aren’t many of you that has heard of the Grand Rapids Comic-Con. It’s a very small comic-con that got its’ start about a year ago in a venue that turned out to be much too small. They were, in fact, turning ticketholders away at the door, because attendance was so high. This lead them to immediately ...

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"Suits You Halloween" Series: Cersei Lannister

Suits You Halloween Series: Cersei Lannister by Olga A. Continuing with our costuming know-how series in the run-up to the biggest dress-up holiday of the year, the second installment deals with – Cersei Lannister. Don’t you just love this ever-scheming, plotting woman intent on malice and intrigue? Whilst going as Daenerys would appeal to those of us who love a ...

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It’s Halloween! Why do we Costume?

Living the Nerd Life is closely associated with dressing up. Hobbit Day, May the Fourth, conventions, and LARPing. Halloween is the excuse “ordinary people” use to join us in the world of costumes. By why only dress up one day a year? In my house both my husband and I have theme birthday parties with costumes, movies, and cake and ...

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Suits You Halloween Series: Elves, Elves, Elves!

Suits You Halloween Series: Elves, elves, elves! by Olga A. It is a given that nowadays, no self-respecting party involving dressing-up (especially without a strict theme) would certainly boast an Elf or two among those present. What do we like about Tolkien’s Elves so much? Is it their beauty and apparent immortality (the former – indisputable, the latter – with ...

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How to Train Your Dragon 2: Hiccup Cosplay is Amazing!

With the success of the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise, so were the cosplayers to come! None more amazing than the “Hiccup” cosplay from Liui Aquino! “Making little kids happy is what I really enjoyed most in this hobby. While me & my dad was having a fun shoot in our old rooftop, my curious 4 yrs old niece ...

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Wonder Woman Poll: Who Wears it Better?

San Diego Comic Con has seen many previews this weekend. One such preview was the costume for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. There will be many who hate and love this new Wonder Woman costume and Gadot’s performance. That said, before we see her on the big screen, let’s look at others who have worn the warriors costume. We have chosen ...

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