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Middle-Earth Menu: “Belladonna Took’s Lovely Lemon Cake”

“Belladonna Took’s Lovely Lemon Cake” by Astrid Tuttle Winegar We’re going to skip over Bombur’s two requests for the moment and honor the dwarves who are asking for “more cakes—and ale—and coffee, if you don’t mind.” In my original cookbook, I envisioned this lovely lemon cake as a recipe handed down from Bilbo‘s mother, hence the name. I have pictured ...

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Tolkien Cooking with Beorn: Little Bunny’s Bread and Honey

by Astrid Tuttle Winegar After the Troll encounter and a brief encounter with some elves, Bilbo, his companions, and their pack-ponies end up captured by goblins. Goblins apparently “eat horses and ponies and donkeys (and other much more dreadful things).” Now, I do have many delicious goblin/orc recipes, which I will post eventually. Fortunately for you, none of my Orc ...

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