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Brent Spiner Spoofs Himself in Hilarious Video

Brentwood with Brent Spiner, short film on The Fantasy Network News

“Here it comes… You want me to do a Comic Con.” As it turns out, the answer’s no. But Brent Spiner’s willingness to channel a little bit of Bill Shatner as he grapples with trying to get past his Star Trek: TNG role is a lot of fun. The new short on YouTube, BRENTWOOD, features Brent Spiner in a jealousy-induced ...

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Patrick Stewart in the Media

Patrick Stewart had a fun day in the “Multimedia-verse” today as he sparked some “controversy” with this Tweet; How could the Captain not have ever had pizza in all his 73 years! After a flurry of “really” and ” Oh my God, you haven’t tried pizza before?”, Steward quickly posted a follow up Tweet to clear the air regarding the ...

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