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Tolkien’s Magical Inventory

Trolls’ purses are the mischief, and this was no exception. “ ‘Ere, ‘oo are you?” it squeaked, as it left the pocket; and William turned round at once and grabbed Bilbo by the neck, before he could duck behind the tree. —From The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien Imagine poor Bilbo’s surprise when he tries to pick one of the trolls’ ...

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Heroic Tales and Hobbits

Heroic Tales and Hobbits by Clint Stevens In the first essay of Anatomy of Criticism, Northrop Frye presents five levels of representation found in literature: 1. The Hero is a divine being. His tale is what we call a myth. 2. The Hero is superhuman: “prodigies of courage and endurance, unnatural to us, are natural to him.” Typically this hero ...

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Leadership Lessons From Aragorn

What is Leadership?   Successful leaders are committed to “creating a world to which people want to belong”. Successful leadership involves managing relationships and communicating within a team to move towards a specific goal. Leadership is the ability to: “express a vision, influence others to achieve results, encourage team cooperation, and be an example.” – Aragorn was describes as, ...

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