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Legendarium TV Recap: The Originals (Season 4, Episode 5)

The Originals- Season 4, Episode 5 – I Hear You Knocking

Marcel and Klaus realize they have both been tainted by The Hollow. It takes the form of Elijah and Klaus to taunt Marcel. For Klaus it takes the form of Mikael. Elijah and Hayley take Hope to the Bayou to visit Mary. Sofya calls a witch that she knows to do a cleansing spell on Marcel. The witch,Dominic, gives Marcel and Sofya some more insight into The Hollow and how to possibly stop it.

Hayley tells Mary about what happened with the occult followers and shows her the drawings that Hope has done. Mary looks at it and says there is something you need to see. Freya has created a weapon for Klaus to use against Marcel if he comes after him. Keelin had left but returned because Freya was alone and thought she might need help if Marcel were to go after her. Vincent is nowhere to be found.

Dominic tells Marcel he can purify some beads but they have to bury the beads at the location where the power first manifested itself. Then, Mary gave Hayley her husband’s journal to read. Hayley after reading it thinks The Hollow may have made him kill her parents. Freya finds Klaus and he warns her to stay back from him. Klaus tells her what The Hollow has made him see. Freya tries to purify him but it doesn’t work. She tells him she knows what it wants. Klaus says for him to kill Marcel or Marcel kill him. It wants a blood sacrifice. He tells Freya not to follow him but that doesn’t stop her from trying to see what it wants from Marcel and Klaus.

Then, Keelin breaks the spell it is trying to cast over Freya by pushing her out of the way of the light. Freya tells her that it wants Marcel and Klaus to kill each other so it can absorb their power. Freya wants to go find Klaus before something happens. Keelin tries to get Freya to let her go with her but Freya stops her. She says she can take care of herself. Freya calls Elijah and tells him to come back to the city because Marcel is going to kill Klaus.

Klaus and Marcel confront each other. Marcel tries to tell Klaus he has a way to get rid of the power that is messing with them. Klaus won’t listen to him. As they are fighting Elijah and Freya are trying to break through the shield The Hollow has around the house to keep them out. Elijah and Freya get into the house and stop the two from killing each other. Klaus had a chance to kill Marcel but didn’t. Freya is able to banish The Hollow but for how long. Hayley and Mary have a talk about Mary’s husband and The Hollow.

Coming up…

New episodes return on April 28th. When it returns the Mikaelsons find out The Hollow has employed a mysterious servant to do its bidding. Elijah and Klaus arrange a party to lure the new threat out into the open and find who they are.

The Originals airs Friday nights on The CW. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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