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Legendarium TV Recap: The Originals (Season 4, Episode 3)

The Originals- Season 4, Episode 3 – Haunter of Ruins

Klaus tries to reconnect with Hope while Rebekah and Kol decide to leave town without the others. Freya and Hayley get into a conflict over Keelin because Hayley let her go and Freya is angry about it. She wanted to go after her. Hayley stops her and so does Elijah, but she goes after Keelin anyway.

Rebekah and Kol leave town. Vincent tells Marcel about his ex-wife Eva Sinclair and the secrets about why what is going on might be his fault. He tells Marcel about the magic they used and how Eva became possessed and started taking children for sacrifices. Detective Will Kinney tells Vincent that there are three other children missing as well. Marcel and Vincent find the children before it’s too late. Vincent does a spell that cleanses the children except there is a fifth child who wasn’t with them. Marcel discovers the mysterious person using the magic is going after Hope Mikaelson.

Vincent gets Marcel to agree to let them come back to New Orleans so he can do a cleansing spell on Hope. Marcel makes him promise that no one will find out the Mikaelsons are back in New Orleans and to make sure Hope doesn’t get hurt. Vincent sends a note to Hayley telling them he can help Hope.

Hope and Klaus connect over painting and art. He promises that he will always protect her and not let anything happen to her. He is looking at her drawings and comes across the ones that she drew that is like the graffiti showing up around New Orleans. Hope calls out for him and tells him she doesn’t feel right and that someone is hurt. He yells for Hayley and blood is dripping from Hope’s nose. Freya looks at her and tells them she knows the magic and can try to counter it. That’s when they get the note from Vincent.

Finally, Klaus and Elijah argue over who is going to take Hope back to New Orleans. Hayley settles it for them and says they are all going.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode Hayley turns to Marcel for help in discovering what or who is behind the mysterious force targeting the children. Klaus stays with Hope while Hayley, Marcel, Elijah, and a reluctant Vincent go hunting for answers.

The Originals airs Friday nights on The CW. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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