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Legendarium TV Recap: Grimm (Season 6, Episode 12)

Grimm – Season 6 Episode 12 – Zerstörer Shrugged

Nick and Eve make it back to Portland but they are not alone. Zerstörer comes through the mirror as well. Sean and Adalind look through the books to find out more about the other place. Hank, Wu, Rosalee, and Monroe help them research everything they can find about Zerstörer and the other place to find a way to get Nick and Eve back. Also, they are looking for a way to stop Zerstörer.

Rosalee asks Hank and Wu what the date is. They tell her March 24th. She explains that it was the date predicted for the planets to align and something big to happen. Rosalee calls Monroe and tells him to stop whatever they are doing that something is getting ready to happen. Diana opens the portal while Monroe, Adalind, and Sean are talking. They see what she is doing and try to stop her. Nick and Eve return when she opens it. Rosalee shows up at the house and fills Nick and the others in about the date and how they think Nick and Eve were tricked to open the portal so Zerstörer would be able to come through. Nick and Eve describe what they saw in the other place.

Diana tells Eve she’s different now that she is back. Like a piece of her was left behind. Adalind asks her if she feels different. She tries to bring forth the Hexenbiest, but she can’t. She tells them it’s gone. Adalind looks at Nick and says Eve is no longer a Hexenbiest. Diana becomes upset and says he’s coming. A portal opens up in another part of Portland and Zerstörer comes through. He makes himself look human. Diana tells them he is here. She begs Sean and the others to not let him find her. They all promise to protect her.

Nick tells Sean and Adalind to take Diana to the cabin where it all started. It was the place Monroe introduced Nick to the world of the Wesen and being a grim. Adalind creates a powder that will hopefully make Diana invisible to Zerstörer and he will not be able to find her. Nick takes them to the cabin. Nick leaves to meet Hank and Wu at the precinct. Adalind kisses him and then tells him to be careful.

Trubel is back and goes to the tunnel to get the stick. She shows up at Rosalee and Monroe’s place. Eve, Rosalee, and Monroe start filling her in on what has been happening. Hank and Wu go to the scene where Zerstörer came through and killed some people. Hank calls Nick and tells him he needs to see what they are looking at. Nicks shows up to look around the scene at what Hank and Wu were talking about and they all agree it’s Zerstörer. Diana wakes up from a nightmare and tells Adalind and Sean that Zerstörer wants not just her but her brother as well.

Monroe and the others tell Nick they think the stick a missing part of the staff Zerstörer carries and he is after it as well. Trubel calls Nick and tells him Zerstörer had just killed two officers and was heading toward the precinct. Nick told her to stop following him. Zerstörer shows up at the precinct and starts killing people that get in his way. Hank, Wu, and Nick open fire on him. The bullets just bounce off of him. Wu goes to attack him and is killed, and then Hank starts shooting again and is killed too. Zerstörer sends Nick flying through the air and against a wall.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode is the final episode for the series. Nick goes after Zerstörer.
Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC. You can check out the latest episodes here:


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