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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow (Season 5, Episode 17)

Arrow- Season 5 Episode 17 – Kapiushon

The episode had a lot of flashbacks of Oliver’s time with Bratva. Prometheus gets him to admit something out loud that he knew about himself but never really shared with anyone else. The flashbacks show the confrontation with Anatoly, Oliver killing Kovar, and Malcolm Merlyn making sure Kovar lived. Diggle, Felicity, and Curtis are trying to find Oliver and Prometheus. They hope they are not too late when they get a possible lead.

While being held captive Oliver admits to Prometheus that he loves to kill especially the ones on his father’s list. Is he a bad person I don’t think so. He tends to dwell on the bad and not the good things he has done. Artemis returns as well and Prometheus pushes her into the cell with Oliver. He tells them one of them kills the other and that person goes free. Oliver tells her he’s not going to do that to her. She tells him what it’s been like at the hands of Prometheus and that she is sorry and wishes she never joined him. Prometheus is upset when he returns and sees their both still alive. Artemis pays the price for it. Prometheus tells him about the kind of man his father was before Oliver killed him.

So Kovar is still alive. Is he The Vigilante? He could be but not sure we will find out this season who it is. The focus seems to be on Prometheus. He allows Oliver to leave in the end. Oliver shows up at the hideout just as the others are getting ready to leave to look for him. He tells them it’s over. It looks like he is disbanding the team. He tells them they are not going after Prometheus, and that he will handle it himself. He is going to ask Bratva to help deal with Prometheus.

Coming up…

Next week’s episode Diggle and Felicity are shocked about the decision to ask Bratva for help in dealing with Prometheus.

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